Why a Blog?

I want to help YOU understand what the Internet Of Things (IoT) holds for you and your company.
I very often meet people that are afraid to ask the questions that, in fact, everyone is looking to have a answer to such as:

  • What is the IoT ?
  • What does it mean ?
  • How can I benefit from it ?
  • What are the technologies out there ?
  • and so forth.

I want to bring an answer to those questions through blogs, interviews and books.

Latest Blogs


Why an IoT book? Initially, I did not set out to write a book.I had merely wanted to find a book on the Internet of Things, but instead discovered it did not exist.  I did find a lot of commercial and marketing books but very often with a lack of strategic guidance,...

IoT: Top 3 Analog Companies Digitization Challenges

IoT Market Drivers and Barriers for Analog companies The word “analog” describes companies that have not gone through a digital transformation. In marketplaces typically dominated by analog company-derived products and services, the rules are not only changing, but in...


  FALSE BELIEF #1: YOU NEED TO BE THE FIRST ONE TO SUCCEED IN ANY IoT-RELATED BUSINESS There is a common belief that the first in are always the winners, that to leverage digital transformation and innovation the first is the one that takes it all. This can be a...

IoT Digital Transformation & Financial Performance

LINKING DIGITIZATION AND COMPANIES’ PERFORMANCE In 2002, Capgemini Consulting published their online report, ‘How Digital Leaders Outperform their Peers in Every Industry’ after performing surveys on 391 companies and analyzing 184 publicly traded companies to assess...

IoT: transforming your partners’ business model

The value of IoT connectivity Let's talk about IoT! The vast amount of data that will be made available from connected objects, systems and other digital methods is valuable in its own right as a business asset for end users as well as partners. This data and the...

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