The rules of the game in business, which have applied for decades and established the current enterprise landscape, are changing.

  • On one side: Analog companies, holding tight to their well-established analog businesses and market share, are trying to understand what the IoT holds, and asking themselves which digitization strategy best applies to their business.

  • On the other side: Digital competitors, waging bets on what the future landscape will look like, are striving to corner market share that until recently was virtually unattainable.

There is still time to ‘digitize to profitize’, but the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

 Imagine a world driven by constant connectivity with everyday things that are always online and interconnected. This future is now on your doorstep. The value created by these new paradigms will unleash new markets, create new leaders among digital companies, and simultaneously threaten well-established, profitable, traditional businesses.

‘Forewarned is forearmed’: Today’s leading companies must understand how to prepare their organization for all possible changes, in order to survive, thrive and lead in the digital transformation. It’s not too late to adapt, especially if you leverage your existing assets and resources to counteract the threats.

In Digitize or Die, Nicolas Windpassinger dissects the digitization phenomenon from technologies to business models, from digital savvy organizations to strategies. The book will review the potential and promise of the IoT, and how to successfully prepare for it all. In so doing, ‘Digitize or Die’ opens a world of possibilities and enables you to dominate your marketplace.

My commitment to you: filling your digital gap.

If you commit to stay with me throughout this book, I promise to:

give you the knowledge to understand what lies behind the fancy acronyms and digital mirage.
give you simple in depth examples of companies that successfully digitized their business models as well as companies that have died from poor digitization strategy and execution.
give you access to information represented as infographics in order to help you quickly grasp the heart of what the IoT is about
help you define your digitization strategy
help you understand the importance of people and a digital savvy organization when executing a digitization strategy


Nicolas’s book is all about the Internet of Things (IoT). Not only is it about IoT technologies; it traces how the IoT is changing the way companies must operate in the coming decades to survive and thrive with redesigned strategies, go-to markets, and portfolios.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Chairman and CEO, Schneider Electric

Becoming digital is not an option for any company anymore. You either digitize or die. In that sense: reading that book should not be considered optional. Excellent book and I am tremendously honored that relayr is featured. A true must read

Josef Brunner

CEO, Relayr

Digitize or Die provides a clear and comprehensive survival kit to every person that wishes to understand the new digitalization revolution and how to leverage it in an effective manner

Yaron Eppel

CEO, Mobideo

Nicolas‘ book is a blueprint for companies to review their own products and services to determine how an investment in IoT innovation will transform their business.

Douglas Karr

CEO, DK New Media

The book, by the way, is part tech manual for designing an IoT project, part change management book for non-techies.

Don Fluckinger

Executive Editor , TechTarget

Digitize or Die is not a technology book, it is an explanation about the profound impact of the acceleration of time in our world, and how to rethink the way we work, build products or companies in this context. If you are not convinced that we are living through an unprecedented era of change, then the first chapters of the book will provide striking examples of the acceleration of innovation cycles in the last century.

Olivier Hersent

Chairman & Chief Technology Officer, Actility

Very interesting content and good insights in the options and challenges when selecting partners and technologies for your IoT solutions.

Ir Jaap Groot

VP of Business Development at Semtech and Board Member of the LoRa Alliance, Semtech

Digitize or Die provides a roadmap and detailed methodology to help business and technology leaders navigate the digital transformation of their organizations to take full advantage of the promise of IoT.    The book looks at the complex challenges that face business trying to transform themselves and breaks down the decisions and choices.

Ed Maguire

Insights Partner, Advisory, Momenta Partners

Digitize or Die covers a lot of IoT ground, too much at times, but that can be seen as a positive problem. It works well for business professionals who know that they need to understand the emerging environment but don’t know where to start. It’s also a book that can serve as a reference work.

Bob Emmerson

Freelance writer and telecoms industry observer

As this helpful book explains, the physical world is being animated -- becoming smart and interconnected. In fact, the answer is the starting point of your journey: education. Read about Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence as they will change the world. Your next step is in fact a couple of pages ahead; turn them to understand the IoT rules of the game and learn how to use them to your benefit.

Don Tapscott

CEO & ranked by Thinkers 50 as the world’s most influential leader in digital thinking, as well as the second-most influential living management thinker overall, Tapscott Group


The book offers a no-nonsense overview of the IoT in a context of digital transformation


J-P De Clerck

CEO, I-Scoop

The Internet began to disrupt businesses that distributed information and goods in the 1990s. Today we have a new set of market leaders in media, retail, and information services, along with a graveyard of former leaders. In Digitize or Die, Nicolas provides a pragmatic roadmap to help companies anticipate the transformations caused by the extension of the Internet to the physical world. The coming digital transformation will impact even the most analog industries. Business leaders are well advised to read and internalize the strategies and tools that Nicolas provides to differentiate their businesses in a digital world.

Erik Walenza-Slabe


In "Digitize or Die," Nicolas Windpassinger makes a clear, concise and easy-to-follow business case for why his title aptly describes the make-or-break challenge facing organizations today in deciding whether or not to embrace the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Jenifer Mangione Vogt

Global Digital Marketing & Media | Writer


The purpose of Digitize or Die is to explain the new rules of the game and give simple and pragmatic steps to not only survive but succeed with digital transformation as well as provide the essential knowledge to understand these new rules.
Nicolas Windpassinger and Maxime Zoffoli, information and graphic designer, have collaborated together to transform complex information into simple infographics.


All benefits will be donated to these worthwhile causes:

  • Alzheimer’s Association (www.alz.org), which provides care and support for all those affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias
  • Fondation de France (www.fondationdefrance.org), which supports projects in complex fields, such as education, research and social integration

IOT⁴ Methodology

To provide for the all-important answers and solutions, we have developed and defined the IoT4 strategic methodology, which addresses all important aspects of an IoT strategy for analog companies to avoid commoditization and beat competition.

The IoT4 methodology starts with the customers: their needs, their pain points and then clarifies different aspects of how to digitize an analog portfolio into an IoT portfolio while embracing:

  • Technology: How the IoT is structuring itself from a technology perspective.
  • Offering differentiation strategies: How established analog companies leverage their core offerings to avoid commoditization.
  • Business models: How companies “sell” their core offerings with one-off sales or as a recurrent flow of money.
  • How to transition from an analog to a digital customer experience

Each of those elements is addressed in a separate chapter of this book to give a more in-depth understanding. Merging those four concepts into a whole will give you a clear map of the strategic options and a step-by-step methodology.

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